Breast Cancer Awareness

Tamoxifen is a questionably effective chemo drug still being used in large-scale breast cancer prevention programs targeted at 40 to 50-year-old women. At what cost might prevent breast cancer should certainly be subject to full-disclosure.

According to Epidemiologic Reviews, Vol 15,No 1, Tamoxifen triples the rate of uterine cancer, still causes blood clots, like all other synthetic estrogens, damages the eyes and is liver toxic.

French medical doctor’s reportedly proved that Grade A Essential Oil of Lavender can cure breast cancer. One or two animal studies are currently ongoing in the U.S.

Mal(e)practice: How the Medical System Abuses Women by Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, graphically describes how we are treated like animals. Maybe we should experiment with Lavender Oil, too!

Pure Grade A Lavender Oil contains sclerol, a chemical that converts into phytoesteriol (a natural form of estrogen). Unlike synthetic estrogens, which can only cause cells to divide, phytoesteriols have the ability to block synthetic estrogens at the cellular receptors and therefore calm down, or prevent the actions of synthetic estrogen.

Will this prevent breast cancer? Are you better than an animal?

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