Cause and Impact of Video Games Addiction

Cause and Impact of Video Games Addiction

Some children get into bad habits with their homework because they become preoccupied with TV programs or video games. Some middle school children become sidetracked by their social life or by sports. Other children who find schoolwork difficult would simply rather play. If parents help these children cut back other activities to reasonable amounts and count on the teacher to grade the child's efforts on schoolwork and homework, most of these children will improve. Motivation for good grades eventually comes from a desire to please the teacher and be admired by peers, enjoyment in knowing things, ability to see studying as a pathway to a future career, knowledge that she needs a 3-point grade average to get into college, and her own self-reproach when she falls short of her goals.

Like related forms of media, computer and video games have been the subject of frequent controversy and censorship, due to the depiction of graphic violence, sexual themes, Advergaming (a form of advertising in games), consumption of illegal drugs, consumption of alcohol or tobacco, propaganda, or profanity in some games. Among others, critics of video games sometimes include parents' groups, politicians, organized religion groups, and other special interest groups, even though all of these can be found in all forms of entertainment and media. Various games have been accused of causing addiction to such and even violent behavior.

Moreover, it appears to be a question of age. Since these art forms have been around longer, the backlash against them occurred farther in the past, beyond the remembrance of today's youth.We have lots of violence in multiple media, including TV, movies, video games and music, and that violence does affect kids. There’s a tendency to discount that as significant. For example, there’s some evidence that some of these video games actually teach kids weapon-related skills.

Dr. Anderson and colleagues have shown that playing a lot of violent video games is related to having more aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (Anderson & Bushman, 2001). Furthermore, playing violent games is also related to children being less willing to be caring and helpful towards their peers. Importantly, research has shown that these effects happen just as much for non-aggressive children as they do for children who already have aggressive tendencies

One study found that kids who spend more time playing violent video games are more hostile and more likely to argue than other teens. Another study showed that kids who play violent games for less than 10 minutes tended to act aggressively shortly after playing.

The research also showed that playing violent video games may be more harmful for kids than watching violence on TV, the APA said. Because video games involve kids in practicing repeated acts of violence, and often reward them for it, the games make the violence more realistic and intensify the kids' learning of violent behavior.Moreover,Middle school students who spend their after-school hours watching cable TV programs and playing video games could see their school performance suffer.

Researchers say they've found another reason why video games are so hard to give up: They may help fulfill basic psychological needs.

In a study,about the issue of Motivation and Emotion, investigators from the University of Rochester and Immersyve Inc. looked at what motivated 1,000 gamers to keep playing video games.

"We think there's a deeper theory than the fun of playing," lead investigator Richard Ryan, a motivational psychologist at Rochester, said in a prepared statement.

The gamers were divided into four groups, each asked to play different games. They answered questionnaires both before and after playing the games. The researchers used the questionnaires to look at the underlying motives and satisfactions that can spark players' interests and sustain them during play.

The researchers found that the games can provide opportunities for achievement, freedom and even a connection to other players. Those benefits trumped a shallow sense of fun, which doesn't keep gamers as interested. Players reported feeling the best when the games produced positive experiences and challenges that connected to what they knew in the real world.

"It's our contention that the psychological 'pull' of games is largely due to their capacity to engender feelings of autonomy, competence and relatedness," said Ryan. He believes that video games not only motivate further play but "also can be experienced as enhancing psychological wellness, at least short-term."

For the participants who played massively multiplayer online, or MMO, games -- which are capable of supporting hundreds of thousands of players simultaneously -- the need for relatedness emerged "as an important satisfaction that promotes a sense of presence, game enjoyment and an intention for future play," the researchers found.

Ryan pointed out that while not all video games are able to satisfy basic psychological needs, "those that do may be the best at keeping players coming back."

Video games do have ratings to indicate when they have violence, strong language, mature sexual themes, and other content that may be inappropriate for your child. The ratings, established for the Entertainment Software Review Board, range from EC (meaning Early Childhood) - which indicates that the game is appropriate for kids ages 3 and older - to AO (for Adults Only) - which indicates that violent or graphic sexual content makes it appropriate only for adults.

Monitor how the games are affecting your child. If your child seems more aggressive after spending time playing a certain game, it's a good idea to discuss the game and help your child understand how the violence that's portrayed is different from what occurs in the real world. By doing that, you can help your child identify less with the aggressive characters and reduce the negative effects that the violent video games can have, according to the AAP(The American Academy of Pediatrics) .

AAP recommends that kids older than 2 years spend no more than 2 hours watching TV or movies or playing video games daily. The authors further suggest limiting media use to no more than 1 hour on school nights, and restricting access to adult media — including cable movie channels and R-rated movies and videos — to support better school performance.

One of the easiest ways to get the family moving is to encourage playing outside during the day. “Limiting the amount of TV children watch, video games they play or the amount of computer time they have is really an important part of the parents' responsibility to get their kids moving,”


All video games have violence

All video games have violence in it, one way or another, but it is varied and you can't group video games together, I recently got the new Devil May Cry and that is one of the most violent games I have played, coming second to God of War III, however I also have LittleBigPlanet 2 as well its a fun and addictive but it still has violence in it, levels where you have to KILL creatures just to proceed into the fame.

Violence in video games are a contributing factor to a lot of things, but its also the person playing the game and who allows them to get the games.

I am well mannered and I have an above-average education in school, I barely study and I spend most of my time playing video games, watching television, films, Japanese anime with English subtitles AND I am 16 years old. I also have an unconfirmed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which comes from not having many friends at a young age which turned me to video games.

I now have many great friends due to not only gaming but as well as physical activity that I have participated in for 4 years! I consider myself not normal and I am fine with it.

i play video games all the

i play video games all the time, i get stressed as i can't complete a level on a but that's the nature of it. i don't play violent video games as they're not my interest, but i still think they're bad

Where as video games are

Where as video games are intended for fun and to pass the time away children take it too far and put the games above all else. Yes video games can cause violence. I've seen it first hand with my brother. There are other things that contribute to this fact and that's all media and parents its not only video games. Do not put the blame all on games but do not question it games do have a bad effect as well as good ones. Look it up learn something before you decide to argue with research.

This is a retarded

This is a retarded discussion, there is a bigger chance that violent teenagers are drawn to violent games. I've played games since i was 5, im 18 now and working with game-programming in school. Gaming is an INTEREST and is a hobby, it is a stressreliever and a lifestyle, most importantly GAME PRODUCTION is work. Having excess interest in games should be praised by the parents and supported, because that child could be a great candidate as a leading game-designer, programmer, game-mechanic and so on.

@TG Is there any evidence

@TG Is there any evidence that "violent teenagers are drawn to violent games"? Playing games excessively is not all it takes to produce video games, just as a chef needs to do more that eat.

This discussion is far less retarded than you saying "... me pwn lotsa gamez... me is lead game dezina!"

you all are wrong video games

you all are wrong video games controlle little kids mind and thats bad. why do a child need that many hours playing video game? i think parents need to relize that videogames are not a way for kids to spend their life doing. its alot of things out there for kids to do then just play video games, put them in some kind of sports or programs that they are instrested in doin.

No, they have it completely

No, they have it completely wrong. Video games are made to have fun, a stress releaver. It's ment to have fun, not to argue about it in the game. Not all games are violent ones, and if they were, do you think I'm really going to play early childhood games? I'm 14 and play video games, doesn't mean I'm the biggest bully in school and hurt people because they called me a bad name. It's not really an addiction, it's when you have a lot of stress in your life and you want to have fun. To the people who play games: Keep going, but don't go over board. To the people who made this article: Stop argueing over violent video games, they are always going to have violent games. Doesn't mean you have to block them untell they are 18.

A maximum of 2 hours? I play

A maximum of 2 hours? I play a MINIMUM of 2 hours a day, and I spend even more time watching TV. I stay in shape by playing sports, gym class, and playing outside when the weather will allow it. But i spend most of my free time playing Video Games or watching TV.

I'm only 13 and I play

I'm only 13 and I play violent games. They aren't always bad, it just depends how you play them. You can play violent games and still have fun.

I totally disagree with this

I totally disagree with this artical. I play and i'm thirteen. Yes, Video games may have some impact on your child but they are mostley posative. Like Hand-eye coordanation, Stress reliever, divided attention performance etc... I have played a couple of M games but there is no violent effect on me. Why anyone else? I have been diagnosed with ADHD and it's realy hard for me to comprehend with keepng attention to my surroundings, and keeping attention to one thing at a time. But, I have aquired better skills to improve this through gaming.
I hope other kids have fun with gaming just as much as I do.

Yes, I do not disagree that

Yes, I do not disagree that video games may improve hand-eye coordination, divided attention etc. However, if the player is playing games out of control, it usually leads to different problems, such as distraction, over-influence and such. It is this crystallized intelligence of "Things die when I shoot them" That can potentially overpower the player's mind during and after hardcore gaming.

My child plays games when he

My child plays games when he has time in between.
He seems to dislike the fact that there is homework, and sometimes forget while playing this game (the same game he always plays).
This game is not violent, but seems to have a lot of movement with his hand.

two hours? My kids plays an

two hours? My kids plays an average of 7 hours a day and in the weekend or holidays he arrives to 8/10 hours.
All violent games, he is 13.

This article has given me new

This article has given me new insights and better understanding. It makes sense to me that individuals who have been bullied, ostracized, teased or who may be academeically challenged, would see themselves as an outcasts and powerless. These individuals are seen as weak or weird and they themselves internalize these feelings of powerlessness, low self image and worth. To gain some power back, these individuals gravitate towards anything that would give them a sense of success.
Violent video games can do that. Beating up a character or committing a heinus crime would seem justified to an emotionally bruised teenager who is looking for validation. They can use the name of their nemesis in the games and feel justified.
Playing these games make them feel sucessful where they are not in real life. It keep them coming back because they are not able to handle the real world unless they do something on a scale that will make them stand out from everyone else.
Children who were abused, loners or who exhibit anti social behaviors are prime candidates for violent video games.

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