Early Morning Anxiety

Early Morning Anxiety

Anxiety can be worse in the morning is that waking up is a sharp contrast to the sleep environment, which is perceived as pleasant for most people. You are sleeping peacefully in your warm, cozy bed, (for some, after many hours of insomnia).

You are at peace, finally getting a break from the cares and tasks of the day by our alarm clock jerks. You are awaken in cold and dark room. At that time usually you are alone.

Your personal bad experience such as the loss of a spouse or other family member, pending schedule, abandonment or rejection, neglect, chronic illness, and physical, psychological, or sexual abuse , Job loss, poverty, financial difficulties, alcohol or opioid or gambling addiction, long periods of unemployment, , divorce or the end of a committed relationship, involuntary celibacy, or other traumatic events ..so on whatever already embedded within your memories. Many women experience some mood changes after giving birth. All of those dreaded worries and symptoms kick in.

Most people experience a change in their sleep patterns. Because they have still so many works to do. At this stage, they still need about nine hours of sleep but become sleepy later in the evening and may not feel alert and ready to awaken until later in the morning. The effect of this change in sleep pattern is compounded when they must start work very early in the morning. It triggers the "fight or flight"response, our body's inborn self-protective mechanism.

The "fight or flight" response sends a rush of adrenaline, cortisol, and other neurotransmitters through your body to prepare you to fight or flee the perceived threat (low fuel). Adrenaline functions to increase blood sugar levels when the brain senses a possible energy starvation.

All energy is ultimately derived from glucose in our food. Thus if we have insulin resistance, it means that the receptors for insulin - that pushes glucose across cell membranes into cells - fail to supply cells with appropriate amounts of glucose. Blood sugar levels go up (not absorbed) and the body produces more insulin into the system trying to push glucose into cells. This is then followed by a sudden drop of blood sugar levels (called hypoglycemia) and the brain is momentarily starved of energy. The brain then releases stress hormones - adrenaline- to increase blood sugar levels quickly from sugar stores in the body (glycogen stores). And voila we have an internally driven fear response without an external source of fear. This process can trigger physical reactions ("symptoms") such as trembling, rapid heartbeat, sweating, panic attacks, fatigue, insomnia, mental confusion, nervousness,dizziness, and more.

Moreover, blood sugar level also have some role here.Because in the early morning , blood sugar is low when you first wake up. You have gone all night without food. The brain uses sugar, also known as glucose, as its fuel. If blood sugar levels are too low or drop too fast,then the brain starts running out of fuel. This causes the brain to trigger the "fight or flight" response.


Management of early morning anxiety is self help technique.you have to find out your own way.It is
always a good idea to have a thorough medical check-up to exclude any medical condition that could account for these anxiety attacks.If this is anxiety, then anxiety is a habit. A habit of worrying about or responding to a situation, that you have programmed your brain to do. Your habit can have been created by whatever cause, if this an isolated event or a series of circumstances, and it has caused, in case of anxiety, a reprogrammation in the anxiety benchmark level of your brain. Your brain responds inappropriately to 'normal' situations. This is a disorder, but not an illness.

There is some tips to relieve your early morning anxiety:

Finally, this world is full of ignorant people and only very few realized scholars are present. Therefore the behavior of a realized soul is criticized and mocked by the large public. But all the souls will realize the truth after the death when they face the inquiry. But it becomes too late by that time and nothing can be rectified. Thus, a realized scholar never cares for the public and proceeds in the true path decided by the true realization. Only such true knowledge can remove the tensions and anxiety. The path of devotion can make you forget the pain temporarily for some time. It cannot remove the pain and anxiety on a permanent basis.

No other methods like rituals, worships, etc., can solve this problem except the frequent memorization of the true knowledge. True knowledge is the comprehensive outlook of the whole situation i.e., realized by looking through the window of the train. Ignorance is the limited look inside the closed compartment, which is related to the comforts of seats and the bonds of co-passengers.

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I have been waking up in

I have been waking up in panic for the past few months due to being in a very difficult time in my life. It's horrible and I don't know what to do. I'm stuck in a tiny town and I don't know where to turn for help. I've decided the only thing to do is to "unlearn" the automatic panicky thoughts that I always think. Any advice for how to do this?

All I can say is thanks for

All I can say is thanks for informing us, however, as one person here said when I tried sugar it made me worse, so if you can elaborate in the exact digestion and effects of sugar I would appreciate

If I take sugar in the

If I take sugar in the morning I get worse, what should I do? most of the snacks are with sugar in them

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your caring nature and understanding what we anxiety sufferers go through DAILY in the morning and just by reading here i have felt a rush of energy and that i am so confident and can meet any challenge i will definitely do as much as i can to follow your suggestions :)

morning anxiety

i have always been anxious since a young child. And have carried that in to adulthood. I have felt much relief with antidepressants but when situational things arrive in my life i still experience anxiety. Even after the situation has passed my body still (in the morning) is used to the "fight or flight". Its hard to move passed it. Thank you for the information about blood sugar, cortison and adrenaline and how it affects our bodies in the morning. i will try and change a few things and see if it relieves any of my morning anxiety. Thank you so much!!!!!

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