Hypothesis of Auto-Immune Disease Part-1 Of 8

Hypothesis of Auto-Immune Disease Part-1 Of 8


Adding two nutrient inhibiting acids to about 90% of the processed food and then consuming them in excess, causes a clog in the filter between the blood that carries the nutrients and the cells that have to have the nutrients to survive. The clog results in "cell starvation". As the cells begin to die the internal negative feedback systems which are the "internal specialist" are activated.

The "internal specialist" responds immediately to the deficient nutrients which register as a stressor, but the continuing accumulation from continued consumption of the acids only enhances the clog more. So as the accumulation of the acids continue to be enhanced so does the internal specialist correction attempts. When the clog, which is serving as a nutrient blockage, cannot be removed the conditions in the internal environment are reset. As the conditions move farther and farther away from a normal balance,"homeostasis", then problems began to manifest from the long-term adjustments.

And problems from the long-term reset adjustments cause symptoms that alert the doctors. The doctors perceive the reset adjustments as abnormalities, and make a diagnose of Auto-immune disease. And so the doctors begin to try to bring the adjustments back to normal, which means suppressing the internal specialist attempt to correct a precise problem. And so behold no "cures".

I have written up this hypothesis and I know it is very long but please take the time to read it because I feel this is the root cause of the auto-immune disease epidemic and could annihilate auto-immune diseases altogether.. I believe the excessive consumption of nutrient inhibitors such as oxalic and phytic acids have created the insoluble salt blockage in the interstitial fluid that is causing a malfunction in the delivery system of nutrients to the cells.

This is creating the cell starvation that is activating the internal negative feedback system responses that are perceived by the medical community as abnormalities, and thus labeled auto-immune diseases.. And though I am not learned in the chemical aspects of the internal workings of the body I feel a cure will be quite simply undoing the acid blockage so the nutrients can be restored naturally to the cells and the internal systems can settle back down.. I am not a doctor this is just a common person's perspective.

I will only cover a few of the branches of disruptions in depth here, for times sake. Thank you for your time..


Substances with nutrient inhibitors are only suppose to be consumed in moderation, because they cause nutrient deficiencies in the cells, if consumed in excess. So I ask why wouldn't saturate the food-chain with an ingredient with known nutrient inhibitors, also cause a nutrient deficiency in the cells? I believe it would.

Therefore there may be other ingredients in the food -chain that contain nutrient inhibitors but for the purpose of this hypothesis I will refer to soy because it contains the nutrient inhibitors Oxalic and Phytic acids, and it is an ingredient that is added way in excess to approximately 90% of the food chain. Plus it is also added to the livestock feed which would be altering the animals' own nutrients and this I believe, has a connection to Mad Cow disease…

The excessive consumption of oxalic and phytic acids would be creating excessive insoluble calcium salts. These insoluble calcium salts would enter into the (interstitial fluid), the internal environment outside the cells. The cells are unable to utilize the insoluble salts and so the salts become trapped in the interstitial fluid creating saturation. This saturation leads to the disruption that is causing the malfunction in the nutrient delivery pathway to the cells.

Even if the blood has an ample supply of calcium, the interstitial fluid begins to register internally that there is an excess of calcium, but the cells are triggering a starvation of calcium.. The internal systems quickly detect the disruption in the nutrients and triggers "Fight or Flight" responses. The low blood pressure negative feedback system, the 1st stage of shock (compensated shock response) and the 1st stages of the stress response (fight or flight) are all activated.

As the interstitial fluids become saturated with the insoluble calcium salts this inhibits the (PTH) parathyroid hormone and this is the beginning disruption of Auto-immune disease. As the parathyroid hormone becomes inhibited this disables the PTH/Calcitonin negative feedback system that regulates the calcium/phosphate homeostasis balance. So the phosphates are no longer being triggered for excretion and the calcium is no longer triggered for absorption. So a calcium ion deficiency occurs and the phosphates become excessive.

The excessive phosphates causes precipitation of calcium /phosphate salts in bones, soft tissues, joints and arteries.. And as the depositing of these mineral salts in the bones become excessive this causes the bones to become saturated with calcium salts, thus leading to a perpetual disruption in the output of PTH. The inhibited PTH means the Vit. D is not activated, and so the intestine is inhibited from absorbing calcium. And thus the beginning malfunction in the pathway of the nutrient delivery system which triggers the activation of the internal systems that over time branches out into all the auto-immune disease symptoms.

It would be horrendous if this was the case, but it sure looks like it to me and I am 110% sure that it is.. In my opinion”


DISEASE IS ONLY THE LONG-TERM ADJUSTMENTS THE BODY'S INTERNAL SYSTEMS' ARE MAKING IN RESPONSE TO AN INABLILITY TO DELIVER THE NUTRIENTS TO THE CELLS", and this could be proven quite simply by a complete and very thorough nutrient test of the cells. A simple blood test would be of little use in determining if the cells are deficient, because the blood would contain the nutrients but the cells cannot utilize them. I have an auto-immune disease and the partial cells test that is available on the market confirm my theory, that my cells are missing very crucial nutrients, and I have connected the deficient nutrients to disruptions being created by the two acids.

I know that a nutrient disruption would seem too simple, but growing up on a farm I saw cows that happened to consume prussic acid from stressed Johnson grass, they would suffocated and be dead in just a very short time (cyanide aka prussic poisoning.) . The effect by which death was achieved was suffocation by interference with the internal utilization of oxygen by tissues, which translates into the disruption in the cellular metabolism.

Oxalic and phytic acid toxicity happens to create a similar disruption in the cellular metabolism, although the extended prolonged time it takes for the accumulation to occur, causes the symptoms to be much slower at manifesting themselves. There happens to be a known treatment for the cyanide poisoning that when administered goes in the blood and reacts with the cyanide forming a relatively inactive compound that is slowly degraded and detoxified by the body.

Scurvy and the deaths it caused on the pilgrims journey and cured by something as simple as the Vit. C in lime, comes to mind. And the disease pellagra can be caused by the excessive consumption of corn and cured by bringing vitamins back into the diet. So it is documented in history that lack of nutrients can have a deadly affect It would be dreadful but glorious if the cure for auto-immune disease were so simple. And I believe it will be after the acid disruption has been removed.



If the oxalic and phytic acid salts and complexes are considered ANTIGENS that are not part of a host tissue cell which I feel they qualify as this because they cannot get into the cells. If this is the case they activate the immune complex reactions involved in hypersensitivity. When certain ratios of antigen (the acid complexes) to antibody occur, the complexes are small and escape from phagocytes. The complexes become trapped (clogged) in the basement membrane (filter) under the endothelium of blood vessels, and this activates the complement, and causes an inflammation. (Causing conditions such as Bright's disease- glomerulonephritis, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), and rheumatoid arthritis (RA)..

And as this basement membrane becomes clogged the exchange by diffusion of nutrients and removal of waste materials between the epithelium and the connective tissue is disrupted… So the functions of the epithelia is disrupted which include protection, filtration, lubrication, secretion, digestion, absorption, transportation, excretion, sensory reception and reproduction… And since the endothelium lines the heart, blood vessels, and lymphatic vessels and forms the walls of capillaries this could account for their inflammations and disruptions..

Blockage in the glandular epithelium would disrupt the secreting portion of the glands, such as the thyroid and the sweat glands…A blockage would also pose a disruption in the sense organs for smell, hearing, vision and touch..

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