Hypothesis of Auto-Immune Disease Part-3 Of 8

Hypothesis of Auto-Immune Disease Part-3 Of 8


Heart disease: In my opinion high blood pressure is not the original problem that is only the internal adjustment. I believe it starts out as a nutrient disruption that the body perceives to be a low blood pressure problem and high blood pressure is the negative feedback systems' adjustments in an attempt to correct the low blood pressure caused by the oxalic and phytic acid toxicity.

This can be confirmed I feel if you compare the low BP negative feedback system's adjustments with the treatments the medical establishment administers for high blood pressure, they look to be much the same to me. So this tells me the doctors are only treating the internal systems adjustments not the root cause of the problem.

A lack of nutrients in the cells results in "cell starvation". so the body perceives the inadequate blood as a low blood supply due to the missing nutrients. Also when the muscle contraction has deficient Ca2+ ions, the heart muscle pump contraction is insufficient and this insufficient pumping in the heart causes low blood pressure which allows the blood to slow down and substances begin to stick to the wall.

As cell starvation aka "inadequate blood supply" and decreased blood pressure are detected the body's internal systems instantly instigate powerful responses. To begin with the body perceives that it is going into shock because the cardiovascular system cannot deliver enough nutrients to meet the metabolic needs of the cells and the internal systems activate the negative feedback system that elevate blood pressure during the compensated non progressive stage of hypovolemic shock, so the " low blood pressure's negative feedback system" which is the hormonal regulation of blood pressure is activated..

At this time sensors are triggered to cause:

The O2 would be getting low because Oxalic and Phytic and excessive phosphates create insoluble iron complexes, which would lead to an oxygen deficiency… And combine this with the fact that nutritional immunity has activated the inhibiting of iron and zinc and other nutrients in the inflammatory response.


There is not sufficient Oxygen in the cellular electron transport chain to receive the hydrogen’s passed down the chain, so the last cytochrome in the chain is stuck with the hydrogen. The preceding carrier molecule then has no acceptor to which to give its hydrogen electrons, and the entire system becomes blocked all the way back to NAD and no further ATPs can be produced by way of the electron transport system. These branches into a cellular metabolism disruption causing deficient ATPs, and excessive hydrogen creating acidosis disrupting the pH…

If the internal balance can be returned to normal then the body goes back into homeostasis and everything settles down and the disease subsides but due to the continued exposure to the two acids homeostasis can not be obtained. So when homeostasis cannot be achieved the stress response's general adaptation syndrome phase (GAS) is activated and the controlled conditions in the body are reset.

At this point blood pressure and levels of blood glucose can rise above normal levels. As the acid disruption continues creating more sever cell starvation and ion imbalances then more powerful responses are activated, so the 2nd stages of the stress response and the 2nd stage of the shock response and the inflammation response and the pulmonary and the systemic circulation make auto regulation responses, and the neg. feedback regulation of erythropoiesis (red blood cell formation) are all activated as the O2, Ca2+, iron and other nutrients availability decline.

At these stages problems began to manifest themselves and this is the point at which I believe the doctors become alerted. At this time they run their test and find the adjustments made by the internal systems and perceive them to be abnormal, and label this auto-immune disease. The doctors then begin giving medications that would be antagonistic to the "internal specialist" systems' correction attempts. As I said, to collaborate this assumption all a person needs to do is compare the abnormalities the medical establishment are treating for high blood pressure and heart disease with the negative feedback adjustments for Low Blood Pressure, they seem to be pretty much one and the same.

So the "internal specialist" is striving to meet a precise goal of correcting a nutritional deficiency, while the outside specialists are working on an obscure problem with an "unknown cause". The "internal specialist" God created are extremely precise systems skilled in accuracy and they deserve the utmost respect, they are not just haphazard irrational systems with no rhyme or reason that can be dismissed as irreverent...

If the establishment continues to think in this manner and over look the knowledge contained in these specialized internal systems, then it is a sure-fire bet we will continue to lose in the battle against auto-immune disease. Instead of declaring something an unknown cause and unknown cure, it would be much better to get to the root of the problem and then start working from there. If it happens to be something as simple as a man-made disruption in the delivery of nutrients to the cells, then so be it. God made the universe and he has the understanding and knowledge about what makes it tick, unfortunately man does not.

The Symptoms of Shock portray a slow decline created by deficient nutrients, in my opinion:

1st stage: vasoconstriction of skin, sympathetic stimulation , increased levels of epinephrine, generalized vasodilation, reduced cardiac output, cerebral ischemia , reduced urine formation due to hypotension , increased levels of aldosterone and ADH, thirst due to loss of extracellular fluid, Acidosis caused by buildup of lactic acid, impaired circulation to the digestive system…

2nd stage: depressed cardiac activity, increased permeability of capillaries, blood volume decreases, intensified hypoxia, blood velocity slows, cellular destruction, heart pumps less effectively, lysosomes rupture, depressed mitochondrial activity, diminished active transport, and decreased metabolism, acidosis caused by metabolic dysfunction, excess lactic acid, depressed central nervous system caused by the acidosis,

3rd stage: rapid deterioration of the cardiovascular system, as ATPs reserves are depleted in the heart and liver and the heart deteriorates till it can no longer pump blood and death takes place…

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