Hypothesis of Auto-Immune Disease Part-8 Of 8

Hypothesis of Auto-Immune Disease Part-8 Of 8


The mini-genes are put together in different combinations as the lymphocytes are developing from the stem cells in red bone marrow and the thymus gland. This process is what gives the B and T cells their unique set of mini-genes that codes the transcripts and transulations for its unique antigen receptors. This process is disrupted by the deficient lysosomes that become fragile and rupture releasing stem cell destroying enzymes…(688 br)…

The following theory was in response to an article on the internet. I never got it through to the researcher. I am just tossing it in, in case you might have some of the same questions. It was concerning MSG toxicity.

Why the oligodendrocytes are being destroyed in MS and why our body is not removing toxins such as the MSG and something was causing a disruption in the calcium channels?

The problem is the nutrients (beginning with calcium) are blocked from reaching the cellular metabolism process by excessive insoluble calcium salts in the interstitial fluid that blocks the nutrient delivery pathway to
the cells. .

There are two acids in excess that block this process. The disruption starts with the excessive insoluble calcium in the interstitial fluid but one of the branches that it leads to, is the disruption in the utilization of iron by the cells. This blockage of the utilization of iron causes the oxygen disruption in the lysosomes that is the answer to your puzzle of what is destroying oligodendrocytes…

When the lysosomes become oxygen deficient they become fragile and rupture and burst and release enzymes that destroy the nerve cells (neurons, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes, microglia, ependymal cells, neurolemmocytes (schwann cells), and the satellite cells (stem cells). And I feel that is the cause of the myelin sheath disruption and the breaching the blood brain barrier disruption, that you are seeing This weakened state in the lysosomes would disable them from sufficiently removing toxins from the body.

The following disruption in the ATP metabolism and an osmotic disruption causes the concentrated solute along with the histamine activation in the virus response, which makes the endothelial cells shrink and open up gaps that allow passage of substances that are suppose to be contained. And inability to create ATPs trigger the release of excessive human growth hormone in the 2nd stage of stress response..

The branches of malfunctions that cause the disruption in the utilization of Iron by the cells:

First, these acids disrupt the phosphate calcium balance by creating the insoluble calcium salts that saturate the interstitial fluid which inhibit the PTH. This disruption in the PTH creates a malfunction in the calcium phosphate negative feedback regulating system the "PTH/ Calcitonin" system. This creates excessive phosphates. Excessive phosphates and these two acids Oxalic and phytic acids create insoluble iron complexes... So you have three substances creating insoluble Iron complexes that the cells cannot utilize...

Second, as the cells began to starve and die because they cannot receive enough nutrients to function they perceive that they have been infected by a virus because viruses take-over the cells metabolism process robbing the cells of nutrients...

When a cell perceive a virus-infection (deprived nutrition) , in order to protect the surrounding cells it activate the inflammation process by releasing interferon and activating nutritional immunity which inhibit the surrounding cells from absorbing iron and zinc and other nutrients in order to make the environment unfriendly to the virus, thus causing it to die.. So the greater the blockage of nutrients, the greater the cell starvation which means a greater amount of disruption in iron absorption by the other cells…

As the utilization of iron is diminished then the oxygen becomes deficient creating a disruption in the cellular respiration electron transport chain. When oxygen becomes deficient the last cytochrome in the electron transport chain becomes stuck with hydrogen blocking the electron transport system all the way back to the NAD stage and no further ATPs are produced and creates excessive hydrogen.

Excessive hydrogen ion means high acidity. The intramolecular hydrogen bonds are fragile and are easily disrupted by excessive acidity. This disrupts the active sites in the functional proteins and they cannot perform their physiological roles. So hemoglobin for example, becomes totally unable to bind and transport oxygen when blood is to acidic because the active sites have become destroyed…

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