Seasonal Allergy Prevention Strategy to Resist Attack

Seasonal Allergy Prevention Strategy to Resist Attack

When people have allergies and know they have seasonal allergies it’s a lot easier to treat the reactions before they start happening then to wait until you’ve had symptoms. And typically, this means starting a couple weeks before allergy season even begins to get your body ready for the onslaught of allergens, to get things as calmed down as you can. Because once the allergic reaction happens, it takes more mediation, and it’s much more difficult to calm things down and make the patient feel better.

Allergy season begins in early to mid-March when pollens produced by a proliferation of blooming flowers, grasses and weeds attack allergy sufferers. If you can identify the offending agent and avoid it, that's great .As we begin to spend more time indoors, it's important to be proactive in preventing indoor allergens from taking over your home.

Exposure to molds can dampen autumn tasks such as raking leaves and composting. Indoor molds can be found in damp household areas such as basements, shower stalls and under the refrigerator. To avoid allergic reactions, wear a filter mask or let someone else handle outdoor chores.

Cool fall and winter air can be a cause of asthma attacks. Pre-treat if you know that cold air causes flare-ups. Take your medications before going out, and wear a scarf to cover your nose and mouth.” Indoor air can cause problems as furnaces and heating systems suddenly come to life on chilly fall nights. Have the system cleaned and change the filters, so that the furnace doesn’t blow out dust the first time you turn it on.

Ragweed plant with grayish-green leaves flourishes in dry, sunny areas and Animal dander; dead skin cells from animals. Those are highly allergenic and produce large amounts of pollen. Dust mites thrive indoors and are often stirred up by dirty ventilation systems that are activated during the cooler season. Carpet is a refuge for pollen, dust and mold and simply vacuuming does not solve the problem.

Use a damp cloth to remove dust from common surfaces such as windowsills and furniture, but don't forget about the other areas that are not as apparent. Clean your refrigerator's seal and water pan underneath, air vents, areas under sinks, the ceilings of showers and all fan blades. If you or a family member is sensitive to indoor allergy triggers, consider replacing carpet with tile or hardwood flooring. Tile and wood flooring is easy to clean and is less likely than carpets and rugs to gather allergens.

Halloween can scare up more than ghosts and goblins for children with allergies. When trick-or-treating, kids often eat candy as they go. Prepare snacks for food allergic kids so they’ll have something safe to munch on as they go from house to house. Carry medications in case of a reaction.

Respiratory viruses may get pass around during thanksgiving, Chanukah and Christmas gathering. If you have a cold, use good judgment about close physical contact. Food preparation is an issue for those with food allergies; especially if kids have food allergies (such as walnuts).Let parents make the decision about gifts such as stuffed animals or live pets that can trigger allergic reactions.

Stay inside during peak pollen times, usually between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monitor local pollen counts and stay indoors as much as possible when pollen counts are high. Stay indoors when humidity is high, and on days with high wind, when dust and pollen are more likely to be in the air. Reduce the use of products like aerosol, room deodorizer, perfumes, and household cleaning products.

The avoidance of house-dust mites with the use of high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters (in one study), acaricides (in two studies), and mattress covers and hot-water laundering of bedding (in one study), demonstrated that active treatment reduced both the levels of house-dust mites and rhinitis symptom scores. In children with allergen-driven asthma, environmental interventions reduced wheezing in proportion to the reduction in the levels of cockroach and house-dust-mite allergens.

Children who have severe allergic reactions when stung by bees, wasps and other insects should receive venom immunotherapy, or allergy shots, to reduce the chance of future life-threatening reactions if a repeat sting should occur.

Put pillows, box springs, and mattresses in cases that keep dust mites out. Wash it. Throw sheets, comforters, blankets, curtains, and washable stuffed animals regularly into the washing machine, set to the hottest water temperature the material can handle. Use the clothes dryer. Dust mites can't take the heat. Bathe outdoor pets often in order to minimize the amount of pollen.

Christmas trees are often cited as the source of allergy attacks during the holidays, but dust mites or molds, associated with watering live trees, and the chemicals sprayed on the trees are more likely irritants. Moving, carrying and unpacking the Christmas boxes stirs up dust and transfers allergens to the hands and the respiratory system. Keep ornaments and decorations stored in dry areas, off the floor, in plastic bags. Wash your hands after unpacking decorations. Keep it sealed in a plastic bag in an area free of dust and moisture.

Try to follow all of those seasonal allergy prevention strategies to resist future possible attack and be healthy life.

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