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fear of swallowing by mark123
11 38597 fear of swallowing by coooooL
Early morning anxiety. by Nsilence
11 46985 Early morning anxiety. by Beatles
1 191267 150mg for 3 years now and i am beggining to get need some help please by Cool
4 30292 Excessive Saliva and Swallowing - Anxiety by mamacatco
Help! Relaxation techniques by marialynn38
1 8127 Help! Relaxation techniques by Relaxant
Fear of falling asleep by benazeman
2 11091 Fear of falling asleep by sleepless
4 12406 Is It Anxiety? Or Is It Something Worse. by JDWilliams
3 11538 anxiety problems with my 7 yr old son by Kat
red inflamed hands by jrfan83
1 8721 red inflamed hands by Lodd
8 20375 short term memory / feeling withdrawn - is this linked to stress?? by frogwa
5 18707 Need Help! Effexor Causing Me Problems I Think by Snack
3 11625 Fear of facing a group of people by HRHAME
What is wrong with me? by Nsilence
5 14241 What is wrong with me? by aidan112
CAN ANYONE GIVE ME AN ANSWER by excilla_marie_ramirez
Anxiety & Thought by tobe_easton
1 10959 Anxiety & Thought by bruce
1 12100 Stress - I didn't think it could make me this sick! by hacke999
3 10626 Stress causing pain?? by bruce
1 8685 Anyone experience this (swallowing)? by Lodd
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