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#1 2007-08-29 04:05:11

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Apricots are those beautifully orange colored fruits full of beta carotene and fiber that are one of the first signs of summer. Although dried and canned Apricots are available year-round, fresh Apricots with a plentiful supply of vitamin C, are season from May through August. Apricots are originally from China but arrived in Europe via Armenia, which is why the scientific name of Apricot is “Prunus Armenaica”. Apricots are a good source of dietary fiber with insoluble cellulose and lignin in the skin and soluble pectin's in the flesh. Apricot is a good source of sugars and vitamin A, and contains appreciable amounts of thiamine and iron. Fresh Apricot yield 86% of edible matter.



2007-08-29 04:05:11

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#2 2007-11-21 18:51:13

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Re: Apricot

Here is some good information about this great, delicious fruit. There are also some precautions of apricot. Read and enjoy this useful information. Check below:

[url=http://www.ndri.com/news/apricot_has_nutritional_value_but_need_precautions-388.html]Apricot fruit[/url]


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