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#1 2008-01-02 05:03:48

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Calm Plus Calcium

Calcium is an important nutrient essential to maintaining total body health. Your body needs it every day-not just to keep your bones and teeth strong, but to ensure proper functioning of muscles and nerves. It even helps your blood to clot.
Calcium deficiency can be a serious issue and has been heavily promoted through the media and advertising. But the hidden cause of calcium deficiency is the fact that available calcium is not being assimilated by the body due to a lack of magnesium.         
If you feel you are not getting sufficient calcium in your diet, Calm Plus Calcium is the answer. It blends Natural CalmTM, most absorbable and fastest acting magnesium available-with calcium and other key ingredients so the calcium you take will actually be fully utilized. Your body's magnesium level won't be depleted and there won't be any buildup of unabsorbed calcium. 

Calm Plus Calcium prevents a surplus of calcium robbing the body's vital magnesium supply and avoid the symptoms associated with depleted levels of magnesium.



2008-01-02 05:03:48

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