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#1 2008-02-06 22:51:30

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Feeling really bad

The past month or so i have been dealling with a mild depression that i could cope with. Then about 5 days ago one of my best friends did something that really got me mad at her. Ever since then my depression got really bad and i am angry 24/7. I got really angry once and punched my leg really hard and almost broke it. Ive had thoughts of suicide. I just want to talk with my friend but she has been ignoring me because i sort of flipped out when i was with her last time and started punching everything in site (besides her, i would never hit a girl). I feel really bad, i talked to my best friend about it and he told me to do exercise, thats helped the depression and anger temporaraly but they woulnt go away for good. Sometimes i dont have the emotion of anger but the adrinaline is allways pumping. By the way im a 16 year old male if that helps. I also dont drink,smoke, or do any drugs.

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2008-02-06 22:51:30

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