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#1 2008-01-22 05:06:54

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Resveratrol is a naturally occurring phytoalexin produced by some higher plants in response to injury or fungal infection. Phytoalexins are chemical substances produced by plants as a defense against infection by pathogenic microorganisms, such as fungi. Alexin is from the Greek, meaning to ward off or to protect. Resveratrol may also have alexin-like activity for humans.
Researchers around the world report that resveratrol, known as a red wine molecule. It was recently described as “a boon for treating Alzheimer’s disease” by virtue of its ability to activate the Sirtuin 1 DNA repair gene.
Remarkably, resveratrol does not inhibit the production of the beta amyloid plaque believed to be responsible for the disease but rather promotes the degradation of plaque in the brain.



2008-01-22 05:06:54

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