Hip Replacement, Hip Resurfacing & Birmingham Hip at low cost.

Hip Replacement, Hip Resurfacing & Birmingham Hip at low cost

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing technology, is a much advanced technical procedure than conventional total hip replacement. As a novel procedure, it demands an experienced surgeon who can thoroughly understand the responsibility of performing hip Arthroplasty on young active patients.

Conventional usually consist of a stemmed femoral component that is fixed into the femoral canal using cement articulating with a polyethylene cup cemented into the pelvis. There are several conventional total hip replacement systems that have been proven to work well in elderly inactive patients. In Hip replacement surgery thigh bone is generally removed which leads to the loss of large quantity of normal bone. All these reduce the bone stock and make any future revision procedures difficult. They work less well in the younger patients with poorer survival. They do not allow full unrestricted activity and can dislocate.

Unlike Traditional hip replacement surgery the amount of bone removed is much smaller. During the surgery the joint is removed and resurfaced with a round femoral cup and metal acetabular socket. There is no risk of limb length changes at operation. Rehabilitation is much faster. The joint is then lubricated by the hip?s natural fluid. In BHR, preservation of bone stock at the time of operation and less stress shielding makes it easy to revise the surgery, if needed. This procedure helps in sacrificing only the diseased bone and acetabular socket preserves normal bone.

The advantages of BHR over the conventional hip replacement surgery are:

Removes only unhealthy bone and replaces it with a metal on metal articulation.
It preserves the normal bone of the hip ? patients can squat, sit cross-legged, use Indian toilet without the risk of dislocation.
Everlasting - based on 35 year history in Birmingham of metal on metal implants.
Excellent restoration of full function.
Femoral head remains viable after BHR surgery. It does not sacrifice normal bone during primary surgery.
Activity restriction not required after surgery, as there is hardly any risk of dislocation.
Patient can indulge in full sporting activities without risk of dislocation. Patients have gone back to sports like competitive Judo and Squash after surgery.
Overall 99% success rate - ideal option for the younger or more active patient.
No dislocation in more than 2000 BHR procedures done in Birmingham.
Many adolescent patients have had the procedure with excellent results. Procedure can be done soon after skeletal maturity.
Restores normal anatomy.
Low frictional torque and fluid film lubrication demonstrated in this metal on metal articulation.
Dr. Kaushal Malhan, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, at Wockhardt Bone & Joint Hospital does Birmingham Hip Resurfacing Surgeries. He has spent a number of years in the U.K. where he got trained and routinely performed this technique. He specializes in shoulder, knee and hip problems (Sports surgery and Joint replacement).

Last year, the well-built, tough-looking Anant Chalke, almost broke down like a child due to a crushing pain in his left hip. Chalke, a national power lifter and professional coach at a Mumbai gymnasium, tried various therapies for six long months before he was wheel-chaired toWockhardt Bone and Joint Hospital at Mulund, Mumbai.

Dr. Kaushal Malhan, joint replacement, hip resurfacing and sports surgeon at Wockhardt, explained to Chalke the advantages of modern hip resurfacing surgery compared to the conventional hip replacement surgery. It did not take long for Dr. Malhan to persuade Chalke to opt for the new technology. Old style hip replacement involves removal of a large part of the healthy bone and fixing a long metal piece into the thighbone.

After the surgery, the patient's movement is highly restricted. He cannot squat or sit on the floor without risking dislocating his new hip.Worse, the surgery alters the length of the leg. Returning to an active life is risky after such conventional surgery. Why change everything when only the surface is bad? This is the logic of hip resurfacing. The bone conserving hip resurfacing involves replacing only the diseased bone. Chalke, hale and hearty after undergoing hip resurfacing surgery, is now busy planning to set up his own gym in Thane. He is back in action with his favourite sport, weightlifting. Wockhardt was the first hospital in Mumbai to carry out hip resurfacing technique and has performed the highest number of hip resurfacings in the city.

Dr. Malhan, who pioneered hip resurfacing in Mumbai, is on the panel of the British Olympic Association and runs a specialised shoulder service at Wockhardt Hospitals.

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