Plastic surgery , is it safe?

Plastic surgery , is it safe?

My name is Marianne Guarena and I live in Las Vegas. I have undergone several cosmetic surgeries myself, more than the average person I should say. I have also had quite a few mini procedures such as Thermacool TC (also known as Thermage or Thermoplasty), Perlane and Restylane injections, Radiance (Radiesse), 2 Sculptra treatments, the Feather lift (APTOS threads) procedure and more. I have always sought to better myself in every way and see nothing negative regarding anyone's aesthetic enhancement pursuits. The technology is out there and one need not wait until it is too late. I say if you have the desire to make yourself happy by improving your appearance, then go for it! Just remember that you should try to improve your inner self, as well. No matter how attractive someone may be on the outside, if their personality is lacking their appearance will also lack. This goes hand in hand, cosmetic surgery doesn't make you a different person. Not only Marianna , it is true for both men and women. All are looking for plastic surgery even abroad.

THE ALLURE of exotic locales, lower prices and a vacation experience have many people heading overseas for plastic surgery. Surgery is no vacation, and the risks you take if you travel abroad to save money are as dangerous as heading into the desert without water.

Even in the United States, where health and safety standards are among the highest in the world, no surgery is without the potential for unexpected events that adversely affect your health during surgery, or during healing. Before you make the decision to head out of the country to have plastic surgery, there are some things you should consider.


Have you consulted with an appropriately qualified board-certified surgeon in your community for his or her recommendations, a cost estimate and a thorough discussion of the potential risks and unexpected outcomes? By traveling overseas to have surgery, you likely will meet or consult with your surgeon only a day or two before surgery. The advantages of a doctor at home are that you can take your time, ask many questions and you have the opportunity to develop a trusting relationship with your doctor.


In the United States your best choice is an accredited hospital or surgery center accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care or equivalent. With a doctor at home, you can have access to all the safety measures and precautions that will protect your health in the event of an emergency before you make the decision to have surgery. Overseas surgical facility standards, and even the accreditations vary greatly. The only opportunity to visit the surgical center for your surgery abroad will be when you arrive for surgery.

Unexpected outcomes

Outcomes from surgery, no matter the precautions involved, are not always predictable. If your results are less than expected, a doctor at home is close by to address your questions, concerns and the potential need for secondary treatment. If you choose surgery abroad, who will correct the unexpected?


Traveling overseas means that you will be missing one of the most important aspects to cosmetic surgery — the support of friends and family, your own bed and many of the comforts at home that are to your advantage as you recover. And if you choose not to recover at home, there are fully accredited and amply luxurious recovery facilities for every budget and preference right here in the U.S.


Consider not only the cost of your surgery and travel, but also consider the value. If you are considering surgery that requires breast implants, they may cost less abroad, but is that same implant approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration? Your safety is priceless. The experience of your doctor is invaluable. The potential for mishaps are real. Use the "sale" rule of thumb: if you would not find value in paying full price for something, don't buy it just because it is "on sale." Unlike a dress or a sofa, you cannot return plastic surgery.


There are no bargains in aesthetic surgery. If you cannot afford surgery, don't wrap it into a vacation: choose one or the other

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