Psychological Improvements by Getting Married Even have Marital Conflict

Psychological Improvements by Getting Married Even have Marital Conflict

People have a lot to say about fighting with depression and [feeling] that medicine in general sees mental illness as a weakness and not an actual disease. People feel the need to hide it . . . because we are taught that we are the healers and not the ones with problems.

Sometimes friends or family members can recognize that a person is depressed. They may respond with love, kindness, or support, hoping that the sadness will soon pass. They may offer to listen if the person wants to talk - although depressed people often don't feel much like talking or can't find the words to describe what's wrong.Depression is very common and affects as many as one in eight people in their teen years. Depression affects people of every color, race, economic status, or age; however, it does seem to affect more females than males during adolescence and adulthood.

A number of well-known individuals have suffered from clinical depression.In recent years, some individuals have discussed their depression openly. Earlier figures were often reluctant to discuss or seek treatment for depression due to social stigma about the condition, or due to ignorance of diagnosis or treatments. Some historical personalities are presumed to have suffered from depression based on analysis or interpretation of letters, journals, artwork, writings or statements of family and friends.

Medical students are more prone to depression than their nonmedical peers. Researchers recently surveyed first- and second-year medical students at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), and found that about one fourth were depressed.Others have suggested that although the rate of depression among students entering medical school is similar to that among other people of similar ages, the prevalence increases disproportionately over the course of medical school.

The complications associated with transverse myelitis change your lifestyle, which can make you feel depressed. Depression may also hinder recovery because people who are depressed don't always feel up to participating in a physical therapy regimen.

Depression is a major illness with health and social effects similar to those for chronic diseases like hypertension, congestive heart failure or diabetes. The Global Burden of Disease Programme of WHO indicates that depressive disorders are among the most important causes of death and disability in both developing and industrialized countries. However, there are wide variations in its prevalence and incidence among countries, perhaps partially due to different definitions, diagnostic measures and thresholds. In Western Europe, major depression affects between 5% and 10% of the populations.

As many as 1 out of every 3 people who have a heart attack report feeling depressed. Women, people who have been depressed before, and people who feel alone and without social or emotional support are at a higher risk for feeling depressed after a heart attack.Being depressed can make it harder for you to recover.The most disturbing consequence of depression is death by suicide. Depression not only leads 15% of its victims to committing suicide, it kills them at a younger age.

A recent study examining the relationship between diabetes, depression, and death demonstrates a need for diabetes patients and pharmacists to be familiar with the symptoms of depression.Experts in the United States say the results of a study with mice suggests that stress in itself may cause anxiety and depression

Early Alzheimer's and depression share many symptoms, so it can be difficult even for doctors to distinguish between the two disorders. And, not surprisingly, many people with Alzheimer's also are depressed.In fact, new studies have linked depression and Alzheimer's. People with a history of clinical depression also have an increased risk of eventually developing Alzheimer's.

The brains of people with severe depression have lower levels of several related molecules that are key to the development, organization, growth and repair of the brain than the brains of people without the disease, or those with the bipolar form of depression, a new study finds.The researchers emphasize that they do not yet know whether the depressed people were born with lower levels of these molecules, or whether the lower levels were brought on by the effects of depression on the brain or by external factors such as stressful events. Other studies have shown that genes involved in brain chemistry and stress response are expressed differently in the brains of depressed people and non-depressed people.

Roughly 18 million Americans meet the diagnostic criteria for mood disorders, meaning that they have reached an emotional low that impairs their functioning. Three million of those are children. Depression claims more years of useful life in America than war, cancer and AIDS put together, according to the World Health Organization's World Health Report 2000. And the indigent depressed are among the most severely disabled populations in this country. There are no reliable figures on how many of these people there are, but 13.7 percent of Americans live below the poverty line, and according to one recent study, about 42 percent of heads of households receiving Aid to Families With Dependent Children meet the criteria for clinical depression -- more than three times the national average.

There are well documented treatments for depression, mainly pharmaceuticals and psychotherapy.Collaboration across primary and specialty care including clinician education and nurse case management is of key importance in effective management of depression, enhancing its detection, recognition, diagnosis and treatment. Adherence to evidence-based guidelines improves treatment outcomes. The importance of support in self-management, in particular for elderly people suffering from depression, is well documented in view of the fact that these individuals are particularly underserved.

Some depressed people show subtle signs and for months before they are officially diagnosed and treated and this early phase can be difficult for everyone in the family. Some people who are depressed withdraw from people and isolate themselves. Some people start to drink heavily or use drugs. Some become irritable and moody and have angry, eruptive outbursts. These behavioral changes can be mystifying for family members who don't know the reason for the change. Also, it is extremely upsetting to be around someone who is withdrawn, morose or angry a great deal.

Story of a depressed woman: Her first marriage was a disaster and left her feeling guilty and depressed when her husband died of a drug overdose. Several years later, she entered into another relationship, and eventually married, which proved even worse since her new spouse was an alcoholic and physically abusive. This marriage ended in divorce and sent her, once again, into another state of anxiety and depression.Individuals with severe anxiety and depression often fail to take care of themselves, neglect their appearance, and can forget how important good nutrition plays in helping them cope with any disease, either mental or physical.

Depressed people get more of a psychological boost from marriage than people who aren't depressed, even though depressed people tend to have poorer quality marriages, a U.S. study finds.

In the study, a team at Ohio State University (OSU) in Columbus analyzed data on 3,066 single people, aged 55 and younger, who took part in the U.S. National Survey of Families and Households. The OSU researchers identified people who married during a five-year follow-up period and asked them about the quality of their marriages and changes in their psychological health.

People who married and divorced during the five-year period were excluded from the study.

The researchers found that, overall, participants who got married scored an average of about 3.5 points lower on a 12-item depression test (a score of 23 or higher indicated depression) than when they were single.

Depressed participants who married scored an average 7.5 points lower on the depression test than depressed people who remained single. Non-depressed people who got married had a smaller average reduction on the test.

The study appears in the June issue of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

The psychological improvement occurred in depressed people even though they reported less marital happiness and more marital conflict than non-depressed people who married.


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